Playstation Discord Partnerschaft

Playstation Und Discord Partnerschaft Angekündigt

etwas überraschend wurde heute eine partnerschaft zwischen playstation und discord angekündigt sony interactive entertainment kündigt eine neue partnerschaft mit discord an um den bekannten kommunikationsservice ab anfang nächsten jahres mit dem sozialen erlebnis auf playstation zu

Announcing Playstation S New Partnership With Discord

our goal is to bring the discord and playstation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year allowing friends groups and communities to hang out have fun and communicate more easily while playing games together

Playstation Announces Major New Partnership With Discord

playstation has announced a new partnership between the company and online chat giant discord the announcement comes as a bit of a surprise playstation s announcement comes after rumors circulated last month that microsoft was in talks to acquire discord those talks were reportedly

Ps5 Is Getting Discord Playstation Discord Partnership Youtube

playstation announces their partnership with discord coming to consoles early next year playstation discord ps5

Playstation And Discord S Partnership Explained Cbr

discord is partnering with sony and aims to be integrated into the playstation experience just weeks after turning down an offer from microsoft with sony allowing cross play between its consoles and pc on certain titles discord integration allows those two platforms to communicate using the same

Playstation Und Discord Partnerschaft Angekündigt Gamers Ded

discord ist aus der gaming welt nicht mehr wegzudenken der bequeme messanger erleichtert nicht nur die kommunikation er glänzt auch durch deshalb gibt der ceo james ryan in einem blog eintrag bekannt dass playstation und discord im kommenden jahr eine partnerschaft anstreben

Sony Is Working To Integrate Discord Into Playstation Consoles

playstation is now partnering with discord the popular online communication service with a promise to bring the discord and playstation experiences closer together on more information on how sony is working to integrate discord into its playstation products should be arriving in the coming months

Tustin Playstationdiscord Discord Rich Presence For Playstation

feb 25 2021 playstation discord docker sh supported games will have their game icon show while playing it in the discord rich presence window due to the way discord works these images need to be pre set as app assets and can t be set programmatically

How To Add Playstation Rich Presence To Discord Windows Central

unlike xbox live there s no direct playstation integration with discord but if you want to share what you re currently playing with your pals there s a thanks to the ability to push custom rich presence information through the discord desktop app you can display all your current sony related activities

Playstation Invests In Discord And Plans Integration With Psn In 2022

sony is planning to integrate discord into playstation network starting in early 2022 in a blog post today sony interactive entertainment boss jim ryan explained that so you can see what someone is playing on xbox through discord but they cannot directly communicate through xbox live

Discord And Sony Partner To Offer Playstation Integration

sony and discord announced a partnership to integrate the platform into playstation sony also unveiled in the press release that it made a minority investment in discord as part of the company s series h funding round discord announced in december 2020 that it had already raised 100 million

Playstation Discord Rich Presence For Playstation Consoles

this program uses the playstation api and discord rich presence to show what game you re currently playing on either ps3 or ps4 it s completely open source and i use the official sony login form so there s no account information being exchanged directly with the program

How To Connect Discord On Ps5 For Chat Playstation Universe

fire up discord on the pc and change the input device in voice settings to your mixamp utilise a 3 5mm audio jack and run it from the pc speaker output to the epic games has confirmed that it has paid money to playstation under its cross play compensation scheme which is in place for fortnite

Discord Playstation Gibt Partnerschaft Bekannt Gamer S Palace

vor kurzem noch gab es die Übernahmegerüchte rund um discord und microsoft die sich dann auflösten doch heute kündigten playstation und discord eine partnerschaft an anfang 2022 soll der dienst stark auf der playstation integriert werden


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Sony S Playstation To Integrate Discord Chat For Gamers Bbc News

our goal is to bring the discord and playstation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year allowing friends groups and communities to hang out have fun and communicate more easily while playing games together

Sony Bestätigt Discord Kommt Auf Die Playstation Computer Bild

sony hat angekündigt discord in sein playstation network zu integrieren wann playstation zocker den online dienst nutzen können steht bereits fest die partnerschaft zwischen sony und discord ist in trockenen tüchern der japanische konzern integriert den online dienst schon bald in sein

Playstation Startet Offizielle Partnerschaft Mit Discord

playstation geht eine partnerschaft mit discord ein Über nacht erreichte uns heute jedoch die meldung dass discord eine offizielle partnerschaft mit der konkurrenz eingegangen ist nämlich mit sony und der playstation

Discord Rich Presence For Playstation Consoles

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