That Ufo Report Has Us Thinking All Wrong About The

What Do The Pentagon S Ufo Videos Really Reveal

in late april of 2020 the pentagon decided to release three videos that show unidentified flying objects more commonly known as ufos these videos were filmed by members of the united states navy as they practiced aerial missions above th

Are Ufos Real

they leave us alone out of fear that we ll destroy ourselves if war accidentally breaks out they leave us alone out of fear that we ll destroy ourselves if war accidentally breaks out buzzfeed editor the odds that humans will cross p

What Are Ufos Really Howstuffworks

what are ufos and are ufos real learn about ufos in this article from howstuffworks advertisement by robert lamb you glimpse a light in the night sky not a star not an airplane but something radically different it moves with baffl

Did You See A Ufo Or Not Instructables

i could not sleep so i went for a little bike ride to get some fresh air and burn unwanted kalories to my surprise one really bright star began to move and because it was night my conclusion was a plane at low altitude or makin

An Upcoming Ufo Report Is Apparently Difficult To Explain

the government will be releasing a new report on ufo sightings and according to a former top national intelligence its contents are difficult to explain actually we suspect the explanation to be pretty simple aliens are real the pen

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How Ufos Work Howstuffworks

ufos first defined by the air force as any unidentified flying object have since become synonymous with alien spacecraft learn about ufos and ufo sightings advertisement by stephanie watson on december 9 1965 hundreds of witnesses s

Pentagon Ufo Recovery Report Is A Welcome 2020 Solution

three months ago the u s navy declassified videos of ufos that were previously leaked to the new york times because a spokesperson said they wanted to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that had bee